Alex Harley

    Weekdays 2pm-7pm 

    Call NASH: 1-833-935-9350

    Alex Harley loves that his job doesn’t feel like work—he gets to just be himself. In his spare time, Alex enjoys traveling to fun cities throughout the US to go sightseeing and eat at great restaurants. He visits his hometown of NYC as often as he can. If he could take a month off and see the entire country by train, he would do it. Someday when his kid grows up, he’d love to go to Europe. Alex also enjoys watching films. Last year his New Year’s resolution was to watch all of the great classic movies. He got hooked. A perfect date night for him now includes popcorn, a bottle of wine, and a Humphrey Bogart film. And since Alex was born in New York, he is a Mets and Jets fan. So, yeah, he spends most of his life being disappointed!