Some woman on TikTok claims she and a bunch of other Disney World guests got stuck on the “It’s a Small World” ride for over an HOUR and had to listen to the song on a loop. She posted a video of one of the boats partially sinking.  She made it sound like it was just overloaded with chubby tourists. Someone in the comments asked if employees at least turned the music off, and she said not for more than 45 minutes. Fox News and a bunch of other sites have it.  But we haven’t seen any other guests come forward yet to confirm the ride actually got stuck that long. There are a ton of other videos on TikTok of people getting stuck on the ride though, including one from April, and another one from Disneyland last month.

Kevin Bacon got thrown up on by a cameraman while shooting “Apollo 13”.  Scenes were filmed in a NASA aircraft to simulate zero gravity, but it seems like someone forgot to take their anti-nausea meds that day. 

According to Zillow, Wayne Manor from the 1960s “Batman” show could cost you $14.9 million.  The “Happy Days” house would set you back $3.2 million . . . and the apartment on “Dexter” would cost$257,000

Jason Momoa dressed up as a flight attendant to hand out water bottles from his company Mananalu.  He was celebrating the company’s partnership with Hawaiian Airlines. 

John Mayer, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jeff Ross are taking over as hosts for Bob Saget’s annual Scleroderma fundraiser on September 21st.  This year’s will be a tribute to Bob with performances from his friends like John Stamos, Nikki Glaser, and Joel McHale. 

A new report says that Ellen Pompeo is only expected to appear in eight episodes, which is about one-third of the season.  She may continue to narrate, but even that isn’t a guarantee.

The Rolling Stones performed in Spain on Tuesday, and in the middle of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, Mick Jagger noticed a topless woman in the crowd, so he raised up his shirt and “flashed” her back. 

A rep for the Catholic church denied Britney Spears’ claims . . . saying she never contacted them about a wedding, nor do they have any record of her being to the church she supposedly wanted to get married at. 

Demi Lovato seems to diss her ex Wilmer Valderrama over their 12-year age gap on a new song

Jane Fonda shows she’s still got it, in an H&M ad for activewear. 

Christina Ricci wishes she could re-do the ’90s.  She says there’s so much she regrets

MLB paid tribute to Vin Scully yesterday with a league-wide moment of silence during games

Aaron Rodgers said psychedelic drugs helped his mental health and his relationship with the Packers. 

“Joker: Folie a Deux” with Joaquin Phoenix and the animated Chris Pratt “Garfield” movie are coming out in 2024.

“Days of Our Lives” is leaving NBC and headed to streaming starting September 12th.  (Full Story)

 “Dancing with the Stars” premieres September 19th on Disney+.

There was great music at last night’s “CMA Fest: The Music Event of the Summer”.  So did a story about . . . the fashion?  Pics include Carly Pearce and Wynonna Judd wearing something “sparkly”, Kelsea Ballerini in a jumpsuit, and Luke Combs in the usual, jeans and a Columbia fishing shirt.

If you haven’t seen it.  George Strait and Chris Stapleton performed Tom Petty’s 1994 hit “You Wreck Me” at their show in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday.   

Thomas Rhett posted a video of himself using a toy karaoke machine to sing a Disney classic.  He harmonized with original performers Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel on the “Frozen” song, “First the First Time in Forever”.  Happens when you have four daughters.

Warner Brothers has pulled the plug on their BATGIRL movie.  After spending over $90 million to make it happen, test audiences just didn’t like it

Almost 81 year old David Crosby says he’s just too old to do any more concert touring

Elton John has a new autobiography out called Me:Elton John.  In it he opens up about Michael Jackson, whom he called in his adult years, a mentall ill, disturbing person to be around.

Jason Momoa wason a Hawaiian Airline flight when he decided to help out the flight attendants, and was handing out water to passengers, all while wearing a flower in his hair. 

Cole & Dylan Sprouse are 30. 

Meghan Markle is 41.

Jeff Gordon is 51.  NASCAR Hall of Famer.

Roger Clemens is 60.  Legendary

Barack Obama is 61.

Billy Bob Thornton is 67. 

Richard Belzer is 78.  Standup comic who played Detective John Munch on both “Law & Order: SVU” and “Homicide: Life on the Street”.



Shania Twain decided to go TOPLESS at 57 in the cover art for her new single “Waking Up Dreaming”.  She’s topless-but-covered, so you don’t really see anything.  But all she’s wearing is a cowboy hat and boots, with a shirt tied around her waist. In a new interview, she says it was all her idea,…


Disney+ may not be finished with Darth Vader, but James Earl Jones is.  Jones has been the voice of Vader since the original movie back in 1977, but he’s 91 years old now, and he just officially retired.He did, however, give Lucasfilm and Disney the right to digitally recreate his voice going forward, so the…