Luke Bryan Shares the Story Behind His New Single “Country On”

Luke Bryan Shares the Story Behind His New Single “Country On”

Luke Bryan released a brand new song called “Country On.”

Luke shares the story behind the track, “One of the biggest inspirations behind the song, ‘Country On,’ is one of the songwriters, a guy named Mark Nesler who sang the demo. I’ve always loved his voice. He’s just got one of my favorite artist voices, songwriter voices I’ve ever heard, and when I heard him perform ‘Country On,’ and the way he sold it in the demo, to me, it just spoke to me. And all I wanted to do was capture what Mark Nesler was able to capture when he recorded the demo. It spoke to me, and I think it’s gonna speak to a lot of people out there.”

Check out “Country On” from Luke Bryan right here…

Photo Courtesy of Luke Bryan



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