Chris Janson Celebrates America and His Wedding Anniversary on the 4th

Chris Janson Celebrates America and His Wedding Anniversary on the 4th

As everyone is celebrating America’s birthday on July 4th – Chris Janson and his wife Kelly will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

Back in 2010 the couple were looking for a date to exchange vows, and with Chris’ schedule the day that just seemed to work was the 4th of July.

For Chris, that made more sense that waiting any longer to say “I Do” to Kelly, ““Who wants to wait six months to get married-I mean whatever we didn’t have time for doing that plus I was working a lot of the time as I always am with music I can just never stop so we just decided well July fourth is coming up… that be kind of cool to have it out on the farm with fireworks. So that’s what we did we got married on the fourth of July. So that’s an easy holiday to remember.”

Chris released his latest album All In earlier this year, and with the title track, Chris proves he’s all in when it comes to Kelly.

All In also features Chris Janson’s latest single at country radio, “Keys To The Country.”

Photo Courtesy of Chris Janson



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