MONDAY, MAY 16, 2022

“Married… with Children” is coming back in the form of an animated series.  No word where it will air, but the original Bundys are coming back to voice their characters . . . ED O’NEILL, KATEY SAGAL, CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, and DAVID FAUSTINO.

JUSTIN BIEBER performed in Buffalo on Saturday . . . just hours after a racially-motivated supermarket shooting that killed 10 people.  He asked for a moment of silence, and urged the crowd to come together and realize we’re all the same. 

CARRIE UNDERWOOD doesn’t JUST workout to look good and feel good, she does it for you.  She pushes herself in the gym, so she doesn’t run out of steam in the middle of a concert. I’m a very physical performer in that I feel like I use my whole body to sing.  I don’t sing easy songs, and I don’t want to.  So I have to keep up with myself. I have to make sure that I can give the fans the best show that I possibly can and feel good doing it.  I don’t want to feel exhausted when I get off stage.  [I] want to be ready for it, and I want to be able to give it my all.” Carrie’s in such good shape that her warm-up is 15 minutes on the treadmill . . . and then she kicks it into gear.  According to her trainer, she does full-body workouts that include, among other things . . . squats, dead lifts, pushups, and pull-ups.

Some people were “shocked” that MORGAN WALLEN performed a couple of songs on last night’s “Billboard Music Awards”.  Even after the show’s host, Sean “Diddy” Combs, said, “People make mistakes.  We’re moving on with love and respect.  [It’s] time to forgive.”

JAMEY JOHNSON was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday.  He’s been performing there since 2005.  Here’s a clip of from the show of Jamey singing one of his best, “In Color”.

BRETT ELDREDGE’s “Songs About You” album is out June 17th, and he’ll be promoting it with a summer tour.  Sept 16 – Bensalem     Sept 17 – Bethlehem

Kenny Chesney revealed he’s working on a new album and that he already has “a few songs recorded”. “We never stop working on [music], we never stop that process. At some point we’re going to put out another record, I don’t know what kind of record, I don’t know where it’s going to lean, I just know it’s going to be as always pieces of my life. We will… We’re just constantly working on that.”

LUKE COMBS was asked to say a few words to the Class off 2022.  He offered up the usual “congratulations on the amazing achievement” . . . and then added this message, “Do what you want to do.  Whether that’s using the degree you just got in your hand or not.  You [doing] what you want to do, and being happy, and feeling fulfilled is the most important thing.” 

JUSTIN MOORE’s 2022 St. Jude Golf Classic raised over $400,000.  Guest golfers included Joe Nichols, Chase Rice, and actor-singer Scott Reeves. 

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN and TRAVIS BARKER got married and it’s legal this time.

WOODY HARRELSON finally found his calling:  He opened a pot dispensary in West Hollywood.

CAMILA CABELLO is going to be a judge on “The Voice” this fall.  She’s joining GWEN STEFANI, BLAKE SHELTON, and JOHN LEGEND.

There’s a new homeless shelter named after ALEX TREBEK in Los Angeles.

Kirstin Maldonado is 30.  Pentatonix.

Tracey Gold is 53.  She WAS Carol Seaver on “Growing Pains”.

Janet Jackson is 56.

Debra Winger is 67.  Ashton Kutcher’s mom on “The Ranch”, but many of you know her as the star of 1980’s “Urban Cowboy”;  1982’s “An Officer and a Gentleman”;  and 1983’s “Terms of Endearment”.

Olga Korbut is 67. Soviet gymnast

Pierce Brosnan is 69.


FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2022

TAYLOR SWIFT is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend JOE ALWYN.  He’s an English actor . . . you might know him from “The Favourite”.  They’ve been together for at least five years. According to a source, they’ve been engaged for a few months, but only people in their inner circle know, and they’ve been sworn…


The reason for TRAVIS BARKER’s hospitalization was pancreatitis that may have been triggered by a recent colonoscopy.  There’s no update yet on his condition CAMERON DIAZ is coming out of retirement to make a movie with JAMIE FOXX called “Back in Action”.  Jamie shared audio of a phone call between them where he brought in…