Zac Brown Band is Bringing a One of a Kind Stage to the Out In The Middle Tour

Zac Brown Band is Bringing a One of a Kind Stage to the Out In The Middle Tour

Zac Brown Band is hitting the road next week to launch their Out In The Middle tour.

Zac Brown says that the fans that show up for the tour will see something unlike the band has ever brought out on the road with them before, “We’ve never done this before – I’ve got craftsmen from all over the nation building pieces for our actual set piece so this is going to be a really special one. When you see the setup when you get there…you’re gonna know like ‘wow’ this is… we’ve gone all out for everybody and you know music is important medicine right now for people.”

Zac Brown Band’s Out In The Middle tour starts next Friday, April 22nd, in Greenville, South Carolina and runs through the middle of November.

Zac Brown Band’s tour shares the same name as their current single at country radio, “Out In The Middle.”

Photo Courtesy of Zac Brown Band



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