Chris Young is “At The End Of A Bar” Because of a Christmas Gift

Chris Young is “At The End Of A Bar” Because of a Christmas Gift

Chris Young is a huge fan of Christmas – he says it’s his favorite holiday.

That might be because of a gift he received during the holiday season when he was younger that changed the course of his life.

Chris shares, “I actually got my first guitar as a Christmas gift. That’s one that’s always going to stand out in my mind as a gift that, I picked up and was like so excited to have. And, then realized it was going to take me a really long time to learn to play it. But, it’s obviously brought me a lot of joy over the years being able to sit down and kick up and instrument and just, sing and play. So, that was pretty special.”

2021 was a good year for Chris Young as released his latest album, Famous Friends

The title track was a huge hit for Chris Young and Kane Brown – it also ended up being the most played song of 2021!

Chris Young is heading into the new year with another collaboration – Mitchell Tenpenny is joining Chris on his latest single at country radio…”At The End Of A Bar”

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson



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