Maren Morris Names Her Favorite Song on Ryan Hurd’s Album, Pelago

Maren Morris Names Her Favorite Song on Ryan Hurd’s Album, Pelago

Ryan Hurd recently released his debut album, Pelago

…which features the smash-hit song “Chasing After You” with his wife Maren Morris.

While that track from the album is the favorite of many, Maren shares her favorite from Pelago, “I have a couple of favorites, but the one that I’m excited for everyone to hear is called ‘Hell Is An Island.’ And it’s just a really unexpected turn from what you think it will be about. The title is just so mysterious and when you hear it, I don’t want to give anything away but it’s just very jammy and you just want to like hear it at a festival and rock out. But it’s, it’s also just a brilliant lyric, but I’m jealous. I’m jealous I wasn’t a writer on it. That’s the ultimate compliment.”

Ryan agrees with Maren’s pick, “I’m glad that’s your favorite, that’s one of mine too.”

Check out “Hell Is An Island” here…

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris


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