Luke Bryan is Back to Judging on American Idol in 2022

Luke Bryan is Back to Judging on American Idol in 2022

American Idol fans now know where the next season will start…Febraury 27th 2022

ABC TV has announced American Idol will return for a fifth season Feb. 27. Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie return as judges, and Ryan Seacrest is back for the 5th Season on ABC, and 20th season overall.

Luke is now a seasoned pro on Idol when it comes to judging talent, but he admits that he’s learned and changed up some things since he first began on the show, “I think how I’ve changed as a judge is when I really, really like something, I know it, and when I don’t, it’s like let’s get back to the talent. Sometimes we get some wild and crazy artists in there, and if it’s practical, I like to try to be the champion. If it’s a little out there for me, I’m more vocal about that. But the beauty of me and Lionel and Katy is we really kinda can feed off of each other. We know what each other’s thinking, and it’s a true friendship and a true partnership with all of us. I mean, we’re really focused to find the best talent we can find, because it certainly validates our show and it gives us purpose and reason for being there…we’re working 12 hour days, multiple days in a row, and we want our work to really come to light by finding the right winner and even getting the Top 10 perfect.”

As fans wait for the new season to start – they can check out a pretty talented guy in the meantime…Luke Bryan’s current single at country radio is “Up”

Check out Luke’s performance from this year’s CMA Awards….

Photo Credit: Ryan Anderson



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