Thomas Rhett’s “Slow Down Summer” is Available Now

Thomas Rhett’s “Slow Down Summer” is Available Now

Thomas Rhett just released his brand new single “Slow Down Summer”

Thomas also surprised fans with some album news – after releasing Country Again: Side A early this year, everyone was expecting his next project to be Side B.

But, surprise!

Thomas has announced that 2022 will see two albums from him – Country Again: Side B in the Fall, but first his next project, titled Where We Started, will be arriving in the early Spring of next year, and “Slow Down Summer” is the first taste of the music that will be included on it.

Thursday evening, before the songs release, Thomas explained what was happening and why…

Talking about his new song, Thomas says “Slow Down Summer really is about two kids in love. I think it was my envisionment of two high school kids – one’s going to one college, one’s going to a different college, and they kind of know that once the leaves start changing that this relationship probably ain’t gonna make it. I know that I’ve been there, I know that a lot of people have been there. But really, it’s just kind of hoping that summer would last for forever so that you never have to leave this moment of this firework stage that you’re in.”

So, from his next album Where We Started, this is the lyric video to Thomas Rhett’s “Slow Down Summer.”

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett



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