Thomas Rhett Tops the Country Song Chart with “Country Again.”

Thomas Rhett Tops the Country Song Chart with “Country Again.”

Congrats to Thomas Rhett who claimed the number-one spot in country music with “Country Again.”

Thomas was in full dad-mode sitting on his couch next to his daughter Lennon, when he recorded a message of thanks for the success of his song…

Turns out that Thomas can also thank his wife, Lauren, and the stay at home orders of 2020 for the hit song as well.

You see, Thomas did not do well at the start of quarantine last year. He was thrown out of his routine, and in a way, with all the time he had on his hands…he didn’t know what to do with himself.

But it was a conversation with Lauren, that help center Thomas back on the things he knew were important. That’s where the song “Country Again” found its footing. Thomas shares the story, “The first 30, 40 days of quarantine I was freaking out cause I did not know what to do. You know, I was like, ‘We’re supposed to be in rehearsal. We’re supposed to be on the road. We’re supposed to be doing this.’ And my wife was like, ‘Honey, I think you have to just realize that you can’t do this right now. So, maybe why don’t you just take a step back and live some life and then go try to write again.’ And so, I literally didn’t write a song for almost two months, which is the longest I’ve ever gone, I think, in my whole life. And when I came back, the very first song I wrote was ‘Country Again’.”

Congrats again…to Thomas on hitting number-1 on the song chart with “Country Again.”

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett


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