Chris Young Made Famous Friends With His Famous Friends – and It’s Available Now!

Chris Young Made Famous Friends With His Famous Friends – and It’s Available Now!

Chris Young‘s album Famous Friends is available now!

Chris says, “I know I’ve said it before, but I honestly can’t say it enough – I am so excited to be releasing my new album.” 

The title of his 8th studio album shares the same name as his hit song with Kane Brown, and it turns out there will be more famous friends on Famous Friends. The new project will include his collaborations with Kane, Lauren Alania, and Mitchell Tenpenny – as well as tracks featuring background vocals from Sarah BuxtonHillary Lindsey and Dan + Shay‘s Shay Mooney.

Having all those people and many more working behind the scenes made Chris realize the perfect name for his new project, “Basically, when we were having the conversation of what do you want to call this album? I was like ‘Well, you know there’s more quest appearances than I’ve ever had on one project before that’s been a release for me…if you go down you look at Lauren Alaina, Kane (Brown), and then obviously Mitchell Tenpenny on ‘At The End Of A Bar,’ which is another song on the record.”

Chris adds, “From producers to writers to players- there’s so many different people that got involved with this – whether they’re well known to the outside world or whether they’re well known within the circle of, like, Nashville songwriters and, Nashville musicians and I was like that’s kind of a cool way to talk about that this record really is a culmination of all the people I’ve met and run into and everybody during the craziness that’s been the past year and a half kind of putting their arms around this project and me putting my arms around them and huddling up and go ‘Ok, let’s make some great music.'”

Famous Friends includes, the title track, “Raised On Country,” “Drowning,” “Town Ain’t Big Enough” and 10 additional songs…

Famous Friends track list;

01 – “Raised on Country”
02 – “Famous Friends” (with Kane Brown)
03 – “Town Ain’t Big Enough” (with Lauren Alaina)
04 – “Drowning”
05 – “Rescue Me”
06 – “Break Like You Do”
07 – “At the End of a Bar” (with Mitchell Tenpenny)
08 – “Love Looks Good on You”
09 – “One of Them Nights”
10 – “When You’re Drinking”
11 – “Cross Every Line”
12 – “Hold My Beer Watch This”
13 – “Best Seat in the House”
14 – “Tonight We’re Dancing”

After the album officially became available – Chris had a little toast to his new project with some of his Famous Friends

Chris Young’s Famous Friends is available now…

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson



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