Thomas Rhett Can’t Stop Songwriting Even Without Songwriters

Thomas Rhett Can’t Stop Songwriting Even Without Songwriters

Thomas Rhett is one of country music’s hottest singers…and songwriters.

But he fully admits that he could never finish a song on his own, he needs cowriters – in fact when it comes to his latest album Country Again – Side A Thomas says “None of these songs would have happened if it was just me in a room. I’ve tried to write millions of songs by myself and I always stop at the chorus cause I can’t ever…I don’t trust myself…you know, I don’t trust myself to write a second verse, so all the cowriters on this record made this record what it is.”

So, even with all the love Thomas has for his song cowriters…if he truly wants to relax, he can’t hangout with them. “The majority of the time in my off-time, I choose not to hang out with songwriters…especially when my wife is around. Because we will sneak off to the studio to try to write something. It’s just inevitable.”

That’s right, Thomas knows that he cannot turn off that creative spark, “You know, even if I’m like ‘Hey y’all come over and have some drinks.’ It never just stops at that, we’re probably going to come into the studio and write something.”

But Thomas goes on to say that it might not be the songwriters — it might be a deeper problem in him. Because even when he has non-music industry people over…it still happens, “Even with people that aren’t songwriters, I meet with the same dudes, every Monday night for bible study and a couple of weeks ago we were in here (his studio) and we went through kind of a chapter of a book and then I was like ‘Hey y’all, let’s just put some beats up on the screen and let’s all pass the mic around (laugh)'”

Thomas says it moments like that, that actually spark some really creative ideas, “It’s so funny to be hanging with my friends because some of my best friends in the world – who aren’t songwriters – give me some of the best material to write about.”

Country Again – Side A from Thomas Rhett is available now, and this is the title track, and his current single at country radio…

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