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Meet Karli, the new ‘Sesame Street’ muppet in foster care

“Sesame Street” has introduced a new Muppet with the aim of highlighting the stories and unique love of foster families. The center of the new initiative is a Muppet named Karli, a yellow-haired friend of Elmo’s who introduces viewers to the concept of “for-now parents.” In one video, Karli’s foster mom explains to Elmo that…MORE

Innovative companies are trouncing the rest of the market

Innovative companies are supposed to be better long-term investments than firms mired in complacency and stagnation — that’s obvious. But just how much better innovative companies perform may surprise you. Companies that invest heavily in research and development made more than a 25% return over the past year, nearly double that of the S&P 500,…MORE

Amash continues Trump criticism in fresh tweetstorm

Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash is holding firm on his assessment that President Donald Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct, pushing back on critics Monday afternoon with a fresh round of tweets amid a wave of denunciations from other Republicans — and a primary challenge. Amash had tweeted his thoughts on obstruction of justice this…MORE

New York might make it illegal to text while walking

Crossing the street here can be challenging any time, and you might be even less likely to notice that honking cab or zooming bicyclist if you’re looking at your phone. Now, it could become illegal to do so. A bill in the New York State Senate seeks to ban pedestrians from using portable electronic devices…MORE

Why Donald Trump feels betrayed by Fox News

There’s trouble in paradise. A close read of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed over the last few weeks reveals that the President has grown increasingly frustrated with Fox News’ decision to give air time to several of the Democratic candidates seeking to oust him in 2020. Trump lashed out over the weekend that the network was…MORE

Batman and ‘Game of Thrones’ latest recipients of cold shoulder from fans

Winter is over, but that lingering chill in the air comes from the winds that buffeted “Game of Thrones’” final season, illustrating an increasingly vocal and not always pretty side of fandom. Networks and studios cultivate the passion of fans, which can turn a property like “Game of Thrones,” “Star Wars,” DC and Marvel movies…MORE

Prosecutors examining tens of thousands of Trump inauguration documents

Federal prosecutors in New York are scrutinizing tens of thousands of documents relating to Donald Trump’s inauguration in a sign that the investigation into the committee’s finances is advancing. The President’s Inaugural Committee handed over the cache of documents over the course of several weeks in response to a wide-ranging subpoena seeking documents, records, and…MORE

Is vegan diet healthy for kids? Belgian doctors say no

Belgium’s Royal Academy of Medicine recommended last week that children, teens, pregnant women and nursing mothers do not follow a vegan diet. An estimated 3% of Belgian children follow this type of vegetarianism that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients, according to the academy’s statement. The eating plan is “restrictive,” creates…MORE